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{Comparing|What’s Better?|Which One?} Mini-Splits vs. Other {HVAC Systems|Home Comfort Systems}

When looking for a heating and cooling system for your residence, it’s critical to choose one that balances efficiency, performance and finances. That’s why many property owners look to mini-splits for comfort in their home. Mini-splits—often referred to as ductless mini-splits—offer several advantages that make them an attractive choice [Continue Reading ]

Answered: How to Clean Your AC and Four Other Cooling Questions

They say knowledge is power, and that’s undoubtedly true when discussing your air conditioner. While challenging repairs are best left to professionals, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of your air conditioner and how to solve general AC issues. Knowing how your AC works and the common problems [Continue Reading ]

You Asked, We Answered: Is Lennox a Good AC Brand?

When it comes to air conditioning, it’s important to choose a top-quality brand that makes long lasting equipment you can count on for years of service. Many homeowners have discovered Lennox air conditioners are the perfect solution for their cooling needs. Well known for crafting high-performing and energy-efficient units, [Continue Reading ]

Solved: Air Conditioner Leaking and Five Other Cooling Issues

Is your AC acting weird? There's a good chance it’s trying to tell you something. The symptoms of an air conditioner’s problem can tell a lot about the kind of issue the system is suffering from. Whether it’s weird noises, leaks, freezing up or another breakdown—it all points to [Continue Reading ]

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